A point about the Liberal Party’s Motion 103

First off..it’s a motion…not a law.   So no one is trying to make eating bacon or not being Muslim illegal.  (Yes, there are people who think that).

I want to point out something to everyone complaining that Motion 103 makes specific mention of Islamaphobia:
In the past months, every day has seen hatred directed at the Muslim community.
Every Single Day….
Comment sections are filled with hateful ignorance, with many Islamaphobes blind and deaf to reality.
While M-103 condemns religious intolerance in general,  it makes specific mention of Islamaphobia because Muslims are being attacked every day.  And its only getting worse.
Let’s use the house on fire analogy that explains Black Lives vs. All Lives Matter….
Complaining about the motion making specific mention of Islamophobia is like seeing the fire department respond to a house fire in your neighbourhood and complaining that the fire department feels that, that particular house is more deserving than yours, and/or that they probably wouldn’t respond in the same way if your house was burning down.
Also….if you babble on about how hateful Islam is, and how they’re trying to impose Sharia law, you’re embarrassing yourself.