MPP Jack MacLaren: Champion of Pervy Doctors!

I’ll admit right off the bat that one of the hardest things about writing this entry was coming up with a headline.

What can you start off with when you want to talk about an elected official who openly worries that a zero-tolerance policy of doctors sexually abusing their patients might cause doctors to leave Ontario for “greener pastures”??

According to the linked article,  MacLaren stated:

“I am concerned that this goes overboard and will be extraordinarily hard—overly harsh—on doctors, to the detriment of health care in general, and certainly to the detriment of doctors in many cases: “A zero-tolerance policy on sexual abuse of patients by any regulated health professional.”


Any time you hear the term “zero tolerance,” I find that dangerous, because there always has to be consideration of leniency, of understanding and of tolerance. We are a tolerant society, so now to prescribe that we want to be, by law, intolerant, I think, is a very wrongful way to go.”

While I think that in many cases “Zero-Tolerance” policies are over-reaching and somewhat draconian,   this is NOT one of those cases.

This is about healthcare workers violating the trust that a patient places in them to NOT sexually abuse them.

That’s pretty cut and dry.

What it appears that MacLaren is implying is that so many doctors might be made to feel uneasy by this policy that they will start leaving the province in droves,  jeopardizing our health care system.

In other words,  in MacLaren’s opinion,  there are a high percentage of doctors who are pervy enough to throw ethics out the window.

I’ll point out here that I’ve worked in healthcare and healthcare IT for almost 3 decades.  In all that time I can only think of one doctor I’ve known who crossed that line.  And guess what..he’s not a doctor anymore…and that was without a zero tolerance policy.

No one is talking about eliminating due process!

He goes on to say:

“We’re going to make a situation where it’s such an unpleasant place and unfriendly towards doctors in Ontario. Of course, we’ve had pay cuts for doctors in the last couple of years. There’s going to be an incentive for them to go to greener pastures where they can make more money and they’re more appreciated.”

Few people will argue that doctors have faced their share of hardship over the past few years.

Yes, there are people who believe that doctors are all very wealthy, and drive expensive cars,  and don’t have to pay for their offices,  their equipment, their insurance or their staff…but those of us who do believe these things understand when doctors complain about not being adequately compensated.

But I digress….because that’s not the issue here.

MacLaren seems to be worried that doctors,  no longer free to sexually abuse their patients,  will head off to places where they don’t mind that sort of thing.  (for the record, I have no idea where that would be)

What MacLaren is failing to consider is that an elected official making such an asinine argument is making Ontario an unpleasant and unfriendly place for women.


A point about the Liberal Party’s Motion 103

First’s a motion…not a law.   So no one is trying to make eating bacon or not being Muslim illegal.  (Yes, there are people who think that).

I want to point out something to everyone complaining that Motion 103 makes specific mention of Islamaphobia:
In the past months, every day has seen hatred directed at the Muslim community.
Every Single Day….
Comment sections are filled with hateful ignorance, with many Islamaphobes blind and deaf to reality.
While M-103 condemns religious intolerance in general,  it makes specific mention of Islamaphobia because Muslims are being attacked every day.  And its only getting worse.
Let’s use the house on fire analogy that explains Black Lives vs. All Lives Matter….
Complaining about the motion making specific mention of Islamophobia is like seeing the fire department respond to a house fire in your neighbourhood and complaining that the fire department feels that, that particular house is more deserving than yours, and/or that they probably wouldn’t respond in the same way if your house was burning down.
Also….if you babble on about how hateful Islam is, and how they’re trying to impose Sharia law, you’re embarrassing yourself.



I’m proud to call myself a Social Justice Warrior

I’ve always been amused by how quickly some on the right resort to name calling when discussing social issues on the various online venues where politics and relative anonymity mix.

Even more amusing (to me anyway) is how many of these “insults” are actually compliments,  and some of them even make the person using them seem terrible.

Take progressive for instance.

When someone uses this as an insult,  they are clearly indicating that they see progress as a bad thing.

The one I really want to talk about is the one I chose as the handle for my new blog.


I first saw this on some meme depicting a police officer speaking into a radio.  The caption was something to the effect of checking with Social Justice Warriors on police procedures prior to responding to an armed robbery call.

My suspicion is that those who come up with memes like this are of the opinion that police can do no wrong in assessing guilt and meting out punishment.  Things which are the responsibility of the courts. 

I may discuss that in a future post,  but I wanted to discuss why I chose Social Justice Warrior for the title of this blog.

Everyone has strongly held beliefs.

Some people choose to remain silent when these beliefs are attacked.

Others choose to fight.   There should be no question where I stand on that issue.

As to Social Justice.

Social Justice refers to ensuring that human beings aren’t abused by the system.

I’m talking about people being ground down by both government and corporate entities whose policies take advantage of populations who don’t have the resources, knowledge, or strength to fight back.

In some cases, the policies in question aren’t implemented out of greed, or malice.  Its just that sometime people just aren’t aware or don’t think things true.

My goal, as a SJW in these instances is to educate.

Others simply take advantage of the less fortunate for whatever reasons motivate them.

Those are the types of people that have given rise to the true Social Justice Warriors.

People with the knowledge, resources to hold those that abuse their power and authority accountable.

People with the will and fortitude to fight.